Elegant Window Privacy

Sometimes you don’t want curtains or a view outside. Our Privacy Grade Indow Windows provide window privacy while allowing pleasing diffused light and improving your window efficiency. Indow Windows have the added benefit of reducing or eliminating condensation on single pane windows, which can be a real problem in bathrooms.


Window privacy combined with draft and noise reduction can also be a major benefit in bedrooms or offices. Confidential meetings can remain truly private with the noise reducing and detail blocking of Privacy Grade Indow Windows in offices and conference rooms.


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Sleep Panel Grade


This new insert provides the same great thermal performance as our standard grade, the same room darkening as our blackout grade, but increases noise reduction, reduces the cost, and is easily paintable for a custom look!

No more unsightly blinds that leak light, or bulky curtains or drapery that require mounting systems that damage your frames.  Indow Window sleep panels are the most elegant solution available.  


As with all our inserts, sleep panels eliminate drafts and reduce noise.  They will be custom-fit to your window frame using our specialized measuring system and patented Compression Tube.  Just pop them out when you want natural light.  Sleep panels can be painted with standard interior wall paint to match your room.


No blackout curtains or shades block out 100% of the light.  Indow Windows Sleep Panel Grade inserts do.