Solamaster series


The SolaMaster Series is a versatile line of tubular daylighting devices that captures natural light at the rooftop and transfers it into building interiors where daylighting has rarely been possible.  These systems feature patented optical technologies that deliver highly predictable light levels, allowing them to be used in commercial daylighting design applications similar to traditional lighting equipment.  They are ideal for spaces with ceiling heights ranging form 8ft. to 20ft.

750 DS

Open Ceiling

Solamaster Series - Open Ceiling


Climate can affect the efficient capture of daylight.  That's why the SolaMaster Series comes in multiple configurations, each engineered for a specific climate condition or to achieve a specific design intent.  Model can be used in open ceilings, T-bar suspended grid ceilings, or hard ceilings.

750 DS Open Ceiling

The SolaMaster 750 DS-O delivers consistent light output throughout the day. It effectively captures low-angle sun rays in the mornings late afternoons and winter months, but rejects high-angle rays at midday to prevent glare, overlighting and overheating. Perfect for spaces with open ceilings (exposed roof decks) where consistent light level is required during typical work hours.


• Tube size ≈ 21 in. (530 mm)
• Potential tube length ≈ 50+ ft. (15 m)


• Manufacturing
• Retail
• Office


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